Um, Little Diane From ‘Blackish’ is Our Boo

Who else saw the Blackish Bloopish episode tonight? Oh, y’all were watching Empire?


It took me a while to actually love the show, but now I can’t get enough, and it’s all because of one fabulous little lady: Marsai Martin a.k.a Diane a.k.a the cutest little girl on TV right now.

First of all, I can’t get over the fact that her name on the show is Diane. Diane. What little girl do you know named Diane? How adorable and awkwardly uncommon is that?

From her signature dimples, to that sassy, raspy voice of hers, I melt. She pretty much steals the show with her childlike-dry humor and low tolerance for the nonsense 10-year old attitude.

I just hope we get to see her grow up into a tween, then teen, then promising adult star actress. She’s definitely got the chops and will surely be a beautiful little lady.

Okay, I’m done swooning over little Miss Marsai. BB just had to shout her out as we died watching her on tonight’s special episode.

Carry on!